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The Rising Influence of the Hispanic Community

We assume that Latinos are conservative, as they are church goers and believe in family values and the entrepreneurial spirit. But when it comes to elections, they vote overwhelming for liberal politicians. So, what do Latinos really think about conservatism? What are the best outreach strategies to get to them? Is it worth the effort? To discuss these and other topics, we are bringing two panelist involved in this topic for the last several years.

Mario H. Lopez is the President of the Hispanic Leadership Fund, an advocacy organization dedicated to promoting limited government, individual liberty, and free enterprise, where he brings extensive experience in media and public relations, political campaigns, and the public policy process. Lopez has appeared in a number of English and Spanish language print, television, radio, and online outlets, and has contributed written work to several publications.

Gabriel Sanchez-Zinny is the Managing Director at Blue Star Strategies, LLC and focuses on the Latin America practice. His previous experience includes coordinating the Human Trafficking Program at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, where he organized Hispanic civil society groups in 17 states to develop health services for victims of trafficking.He is co-author of four books on education policy and publishes monthly opinion columns in several Latin American newspapers on international politics and regional relations with the U.S.

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