6 PM Casual Dinner -

People who arrive early for Awakening can make reservations at a Sea Island restaurant. We often dine in groups so let us know if you want to be included in a block of reservations. This is a “Dutch” treat where everyone is responsible for their own expenses. The Cloister restaurants reservation number is 855-572-4975.

7:30 PM Fireside Chat Led By General Ed Meese

Location: The Spanish Lounge

Early attenders will gather for a “Fireside Chat” led by one of our favorite conservatives, former Attorney General. Ed Meese. General Meese will have Charlie Cook up front to help moderate. Join us for coffee, and lively discussion. This is a “No Holds Barred” session where the subject(s) are chosen by you, the participant. Discuss everything from terrorism to Constitutional Conservatism to Cultural shifts to Economics: the floor is open for lively dialogue and intrigue


10:00 am - 6:00 pm   Registration

Location: Hospitality Desk, Sapelo Room

Awakening has a long tradition of swapping books. There will be a table where you may bring up to three of your favorite books (fiction or non-fiction) and leave them. On Saturday morning you may choose as many books as you have brought to take home. Some of our most favorite books were found at this table.

10:00 am   Awakening Golf Tournament

Location: Seaside Golf Course

Tee times begin at 10:00 am and a complimentary shuttle will run from the Cloister to the Lodge every 30 minutes. Join us for a competitive yet friendly round of golf. Sea Island’s famed Seaside course is known for its natural beauty and spectacular marsh and water vistas.  Box lunches are included.

Art Presentation

Location: Cumberland Room

Featured sculptor is Anthony Quickle of St. Simons Island. Quickle's sculptures can be found in public, private, & corporate collections around the world. His completed works include bronze portrait busts, larger than life-size monuments, and stone works of all sizes. Although he works primarily by commission, his works may be found in select galleries across the United States.

Mr. Quickle is curating a multi-media exhibition of Coastal Georgia Artists for Awakening. Stop and take in the breath-taking creations all of these artists are exhibiting and much is for sale.

12:30 pm   Luncheon

Location: Cloister Ballroom II

Keynote: Thea Ramirez: Thea Ramirez is the Founder and CEO of Adoption-Share, a national website designed to bring efficiency and transparency to the adoption process. Thea introduced her idea for enhanced adoption/foster care matching three years ago. Look what has happened!!!!! 

Session - 1:45 - 3:30 pm

The Opioid Epidemic: How We Got Here! How Do We Find our Way Out?

Location: Clubroom

Dr. Paul Meier, Psychiatrist/Founder of the Meier Clinics

HHS data for 2016 and 2017 indicates that 130 plus people die every day from opioid-related drug overdoses. 11.4 million people misuse prescription opioids.

Anyone who takes opioids is at risk of developing addiction. Dr. Paul Meier, a nationally recognized psychiatrist, speaker, and author will lead  a practical and theoretical discussion of the crisis. How it germinated and what is the “fertilizer” that feeds it. 

6:00 pm   Welcome Reception for Awakening First-Timers

Location: Cloister Patio

6:30 pm   Plenary Welcome Reception

Location: Cloister Patio

Dress for this event is what we call in the South as “Sunday” dress. Men wear sport coats and ties and women wear dresses or slacks. The children can wear any attire that their parents deem appropriate

7:00 pm   Family Dinner

Location: Cloister Ballroom

Keynote Penny Nance, President/CEO Concerned Women of America

Thea Ramirez, Awakening Advisory Board, Founder/CEO of Adoption Share

Penny is a recognized national authority of cultural, children’s and women’s issues. Concerned Women of America is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization. There are over 500,000 participating members.

At this dinner the children will sell stock options for $1(the maximum purchase is 5 shares) for their capitalist endeavor on Saturday. Larry Kudlow has said that this was his best stock purchase for the year, so bring your cash and be prepared to make a little money off your investment.

9:15 pm   Dessert Extraordinaire and Coffee

Location: Cloister Foyer II

Enjoy a decadent assortment of desserts including whipped cream topped cakes and pies, warm cookies, ice-cream and more.


7:00 - 8:30 AM - Awakening Buffet Breakfast

Location: Cloister Ballroom II

This breakfast offers early discussion and meeting and greeting. The attire is resort casual.

8:30 AM - Book Swap Start

Location: Sapelo Room

Bring a book to swap, fiction or non-fiction. You may take home the same number of books you bring. Happy Reading!!!

Session I, 8:45 - 10:30 AM 

Slipping Through the Net: Russian Hackers Versus the World

Location: Clubroom

Steve Buccci, Ph,D. ,Visiting Fellow ,Center For Foreign and National Security, The Heritage Foundation

Peter Brookes, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, National Security Affairs, The Heritage Foundation.

Jamie Borwick, Member of the House of Lords, London, England

Bob Moffit, The Heritage Foundation (Moderator)

Culture and Social Change: How is Social Media Transforming our Society?

Location: Cloister Ballroom I

Ory Rinat

Josh Althouse, Public Policy Manager, Facebook

Rob Bluey, Vice President Communications, The Heritage Foundation (Moderator)

Teen Discussion: The Two Pillars of Conservative Thought and Why They Matter to You

Location: Summit Room

Lucas Ramirez, Awakening Advisory Board, Executive Director, The Gathering Place
Thea Ramirez, Awakening Advisory Board, Founder/CEO Adoption Share

In a fun and interactive setting, students will dive into the practical implications of Limited Government and Personal Liberty, two pillars to conservative thought.

Young Capitalist Corporation (Children 3-11 years old)

Location: Oglethorpe Room

Ernest Taylor

Our young capitalists will explore what it takes to build a company. Ernest Taylor will help you name your company/decide on costs/advertise and “manufacture” your goodies.  At lunch you will sell your cookies and make some cash. Sunday, we will pay a good dividend to our stockholders.

Session II, 10:45 AM - 12:30 PM

Mid-Term Elections and the Impact

Location: Clubroom

Whit Ayres, Ph.D.; Founder and President North Star Opinion Research

Charlie Cook, The Cook Political Report 

The New Supreme Court Majority: Prospects for Rights and Conscience in a Polarized Culture

Location: Cloister I

Gerry Bradley, Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame

Ryan Anderson, Ph.D. Senior Research Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

Michael Collins, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP (Moderator)

Teen Discussion: Real World: How to Think and Speak On Current Events With My Peers

Location: Summit Room

Eric Ireland. Michelin Aircraft Tires

Students will learn how to think critically about current events through the lens of the conservative pillars explored in session one. We will explore “What has happened?’ Why did it happen? ’How should I respond?’ and “What ought to happen?’ in an open dialogue setting.

Children’s Activity:  Children (3-11 years of age) What Makes a Hero?

Location: Oglethorpe Room

Stephanie Carpenter, Awakening Teacher Extraordinaire

Gretchen Hagen, Awakening Teacher Extraordinaire

Batman, Superman, and Spiderman are well-known heroes to children of all ages. Come find out about some real-life heroes and how you can become one just like them.

12:30 pm   Low-Country Lunch

Location:  Mizner Ballroom
We will have a low-country lunch with a multitude of friends!  This is your opportunity to purchase cookies from the American Cookie Company that the children have formed.  They will be donned in chef hats offering their wares. It is difficult to say “no” to them.

Session III, 1:50 - 3:50 PM

South American Hotspots and the Implications for the USA

Location:  Cloister I

Alex Chafuen, Ph.D., Managing Director International. Acton Institute

Joseph Humire, Executive Director, Center for a Secure Free Society

Phil Truluck, Awakening Board, (Moderator) 

The National Debt and Entitlements

Location: Clubroom

Charles Blahous, Former Public Trustee of the Social Security Administration
James Capretta, Milton Friedman Chair, AEI

Tom Price, former HHS Secretary and former head of the House Budget Committee (Moderator)

World Changers: Discovering How You Can Impact the World

Location: Summit Room

Lucas Ramirez, Awakening Advisory Board, Executive Director, The Gathering Place

Thea Ramirez, Awakening Advisory Board, Founder/CEO of Adoption Share

Children’s Activity: Beach Club Game Room (Ages 3-11)

Location: Meet at the Oglethorpe Room to be Transported to the Beach Club and back at the end of the session

Stephanie Carpenter, Awakening Teacher Extraordinaire

Gretchen Hagen, Awakening Teacher Extraordinaire

This is fun time! Come join in the fun at the Beach Club Game Room. All games are free and there is entertainment galore!

6:30 pm Reception

Location: Cloister II Foyer

This reception’s attire is black-tie optional. This is a lovely occasion to “dress up” and enjoy the evening with conservative friends. Teens welcome.

7:00 pm Black Tie Dinner

Keynote Speaker: Emma McClarkin, UK’s Member of the European Parliament

Ms. McClarkin will give us an update on the current status of Brexit. 

Great American Award Presentation:

Awakening’s Great American Award sponsored in memory of William Amos, Senior, a co-founder of Aflac will be announced

6:30 pm Children’s Pizza and Party (Ages 3-11 with sitter)

Featuring: Sean Driscoll, Internationally Acclaimed Entertainer

Location: Oglethorpe Room

Children are invited to an informal pizza party, including entertainment. If there was ever an entertainer for children not to miss it is Sean Driscoll.  Sean is a master story teller, musician and spreads joy as if it were candy.



7:45 AM Church Service

8:00 - 8:50 AM Coffee And Continental Breakfast

Session IV, 9:00 - 10:45 AM

China-The USA's Biggest Threat

Lieutenant General Robert Walsh (Ret)
Dean Chang, The Heritage Foundation


11:00 AM Family Brunch

12:00 PM Awakening Concludes

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