E. Allen Taylor, Jr.

Mr. Taylor is the Director of Capital Operations & Marketing for The Strategic Group, a boutique private equity firm focusing on investment and tax mitigation strategies based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Mr. Taylor has been involved in the asset management and private equity space for over a decade.  Prior to his time at The Strategic Group, he managed investor relations at Avesta, a private real estate group, and was the Marketing Director for Private Wealth for Pantheon Ventures, a global private equity firm with over $38 Billion in AUM. Mr. Taylor also served as Director of Marketing for Hatteras Funds, a boutique alternative investment firm specializing in hedge funds and private equity.  Prior to entering the financial services industry, Mr. Taylor served in several capacities for the Presidential Administration of George W. Bush in Washington D.C.  Mr. Taylor received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Tennessee, and resides in Raleigh North Carolina, with wife, Libby, and three children, Price, Alex, and Evelyn.