David “Mac” McQuiston has had the opportunity not only to witness the development of some of the greatest institutions of our time, but to be a pivotal part of their growth. That is, we are talking about knowledge and influence, with the help of our experience and solutions, on general trends. Thus, your brain and useful resources from https://300writers.com/test-takers-for-hire.html in the form of exam takers for hire are ready to help you implement ideas. Since graduation from Indiana Wesleyan University in 1965, Mac has been involved in World Wide Pictures in association with Billy Graham, served as Senior Vice President of Insight for Living, a worldwide ministry established by Chuck Swindoll, and served as Senior Vice President of Development for Walk Through the Bible Ministries.

The centerpiece of Mac’s notable career in ministry is Focus on the Family. Today Focus on the Family is arguably the world’s most widely recognized family ministry, and its daily broadcast is heard on almost 2,000 U.S. radio affiliates and dozens more worldwide.  Since Focus on the Family’s beginnings in 1977, Mac McQuiston has been a key participant in the growth of this international ministry.

Mac’s involvement began as one of the original board members and was a signatory of the Focus on the Family incorporation.  He later became Vice President of Administration and Development, and was instrumental in the launch of Dr. James Dobson’s City Wide Seminars in 1977 and first film series in 1978.

Today Mac serves as Vice President of the CEO Forum, working with key contributors and proponents of the organization.  He is also Vice President of Focus’ CEO Ministry, which serves as a platform of idea development and exchange exclusively for CEO’s of Fortune 1000 companies.

Mac and his wife, Karen, have two daughters and four grandchildren.