Awakening is pleased to present an exceptional line up of topics, panelists and keynote speakers for 2007.


Featured Sessions:


  • Families - Ark of the Future: Is it Sinking, Floating, or Headed to Dry Dock?


  • Nanotechnology: What is it? A Pandemic, Panacea, Solution or Problem?


  • Immigration: Green Card, No Card, What Card


  • Salt and Light: The Future of Christianity -Where is the Flavoring?


  • Euro/American Relations, Do the Ties Bind?


  • Political Forecasting: Election Highs and Lows


  • The Press and the First Amendment: National Security and Internal Security


  • Global Warming…To What Degree?


  • Un-Desperate Housewives: Why Are Some Desperate in the First Place!”


  • ChinIndia, Economic Giants or Dragons?


  • Entitlements: My Rights! Your Rights? Who’s Rights? Who Pays?