Agenda & Schedule of Events



“Awakening’s Twentieth Year”


The Cloister, Sea Island, Georgia



Thursday, January 8th

6:00 pm   Dinner – Restaurant of Your Choice

People who arrive early for Awakening can make reservations at a hotel cafe or Sea Island restaurant. We often dine in groups so let us know if you want to be included in a block of reservations. This is a “Dutch” treat where everyone is responsible for their own expenses.
The Cloister restaurants reservation number is: 855-572-4975

8:00 pm   Fireside Chat

Coffee, Warm Cookies and Lively Discussion

Spanish Lounge, Fireside, The Cloister

After a scrumptious meal we will gather for a “Fireside Chat” led by the sapient, Ed Meese, former Attorney General in the Reagan administration. General Meese is astute, experienced and erudite. This is a “No Holds Barred” session where the subject(s) are chosen by you, the participant. Discussing everything from the IRS abuse to Constitutional Conservatism to Cultural shifts to Economics: the floor is open for lively dialogue and intrigue.

“Awakening Official Start”


Friday, January 9th             

10:00 am – 6:00 pm   Registration

Hospitality Desk

Sapelo Room

Awakening has a long tradition of swapping books. There will be a table where you may bring up to three of your favorite books (fiction or non-fiction) and leave them. On Saturday morning you may choose as many books as you have brought to take home. Some of our most favorite books were found at this table.

Awakening Golf Tournament: Seaside Golf Course

Complimentary Shuttle from Cloister to Lodge Every 30 minutes

               10:00 a.m. – tee times

Sea Island famed Seaside course is known for its natural beauty and spectacular marsh and water vistas.  This windswept coastal links is home to the McGladrey Classic, a PGA TOUR event.

Art Display

Cumberland Room

Featuring: Judith Pond Kudlow, NYC

Anthony Quickle, St. Simons Island

12:30 pm   Luncheon

Cloister II

 “The State of the Union Address for Adoption and Foster Care”

Speaker: Thea Ramirez, Founder and CEO of Adoption-Share

Mrs. Ramirez is a bright, young star shining for conservatism on the horizon. Thea is known for her ability to envision and implement big ideas that create collaboration among people and organizations. Exposure to her expertise

will deepen your knowledge and sharpen your respect for the issues on hand.

1:45 pm – 3:45 pm Expose

“Telemedicine Technology: How Mobile Phones, Cloud, And Big Data Will Reinvent Healthcare”


Panelist: Paula Guy, CEO, Georgia Partnership for Telehealth

Dr. Jean Sumner, Family Practitioner

Telemedicine–the use of information and telecommunications technologies to provide and support health care when distance separates the participants–is receiving increasing attention not only in remote areas where health care access is troublesome but also in urban and suburban locations. Matter of fact, telemedicine gives a doctor the ability to listen to your heart; scope your ear; examine your throat; and very often diagnose your health issue immediately and wherever your cell phone is available. This takes “house calls” to a new and readily useable level.

1:45-3:45 pm


Hang at the Beach, Poolside or Lawn


Welcome Reception for Awakening First-Timers

Cloister Patio

6:30 pm

Plenary Welcome Reception

Cloister Patio


Dress for this event is what we call in the South as “Sunday” dress. Men wear sport coats and ties and women wear dresses or slacks. The children can wear any attire that their parents deem appropriate

 7:00 pm   Family Dinner

Cloister Ballroom

Sharyl Attkinsson, Investigative Reporter, Author Stonewalled

Cloister Ballroom

At this dinner the children will sell stock options for $1(the maximum purchase is 5 shares) for their capitalist endeavor on Saturday. Larry Kudlow has said that this was his best stock purchase for the year, so bring your cash and be prepared to make a little money off your investment.

9:15 pm Dessert Extraordinaire and Coffee

Cloister Foyer II

What adjectives can you add to chocolate, coconut, strawberry, apple, whipped cream on the top of cakes, cookies, pies and ice cream? YUM

Saturday, January 9th

7:00 – 8:30 am   Awakening Breakfast Buffet

Cloister II

This breakfast offers early discussion and meeting and greeting. The attire is resort casual!

8:30 am   Book Swap Start

Across from Hospitality Desk


Okay, now is the time to go select the same number of books that you brought! Happy Reading!!!


8:45 am – 10:30 am

“Will Marijuana Go Up in Smoke?”


Sue Sisley, MD, Family Practitioner, Phoenix, Arizona

Mike Carter, State Representative, Tennessee

Todd Gardenhire, State Representative,Tennessee (Moderator)


“When Evil Becomes Official: How to Protect Religious Liberty”

Cloister 1

Ryan Anderson, Heritage Foundation

Jay Richards,The Catholic University of America

Bob Moffit, Heritage Foundation(Moderator)



Teen Specific

General Ed Meese, Former Attorney General of USA

Young Capitalist Corporation(Children 3-11 years old)

Oglethorpe Room

Ernest and Jan Taylor

Ernest Taylor will help you name your company/decide on costs/advertise and “manufacture” your goodies. At the session break you will sell your cookies and make some cash. Sunday, we will pay a good dividend to our stockholders.



10:45 am – 12:30 pm

“Political Forecasting: A Look at the 2015, 2016 Elections”


Steve Hayes, The Weekly Standard
Whit Ayres, North Star Opinion Research

“From Russia with Aggression”

Cloister 1

Ariel Cohen, Director, Center for Energy, Natural Resources and Geopolitics

John Lenczowski, The Institute of World Politics

Ernest Taylor, Beech Hill Group, Inc., Moderator


“Coastal Explorers”

Coastal Georgia Wildlife Experience

 Oglethorpe Room

Children’s Session

Ages 3-11 years

Featured Expert: Brook Vallaster, Instructor,Ocean Lab SSE

Linda Newberry, Awakening Teacher Extraordinaire

Katrina Chapman, Awakening Teacher Extraordinaire

Off to The Cloister turtle pond and then back to Create a Masterpiece.


12:30 pm Low-Country Lunch

Black Banks Terrace (Weather Permitting)
Weather Alternative: Cloister II Ballroom

Weather permitting we will have a low-country lunch outside with warm sunshine and a multitude of friends!



1:50 – 3:55 pm

“A Path? What Liberalism Has in Store for Us”

Cloister I

Fred Siegel, Manhattan Institute for Public Policy
Gerard Bradley, Notre Dame Law School
Michael J. Collins, Gibson Dunn, Moderator


“Caution: Low Information Voters Ahead”
Winning Strategies to Reach, Educate, and Empower Voters with the Conservative Message

Kevin Madden, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs of JDA Frontline
Bob Woodson, Founder and President of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise
Tom Price, Rep. US House of Congress, (R, GA) Moderator


Children’s Session

Oglethorpe Room

Ages 3-11 years

Linda Newberry, Awakening Teacher Extraordinaire
Katrina Chapman, Awakening Teacher Extraordinaire

 6:30 pm Reception

Cloister II Foyer

(Teens and Adults)

This reception’s attire is black-tie optional. This is a lovely occasion to “dress up” and enjoy the evening with conservative friends


Oglethorpe Room

Children’s Session

Ages 3-11 (Sitter Required)

Pizza Party and Magic Show

Fun and Delight, Prizes, too

7:00 pm Black Tie Dinner

Cloister Ballroom

Keynote Speaker:

The Honorable Governor, Bill Haslam, TN

Great American Award Presentation

Awakening’s Great American Award sponsored in memory of William Amos, Senior a co-founder of Aflac will be announced.

Sunday, January 11th

7:45 – 8:30 am

Church Service –The Cloister Chapel

This non-denominational church service is led by Lucas Ramirez. Lucas is on the Awakening Advisory Board and Executive Director of The Gathering Place is a community-based ministry that has served the youth of Brunswick and the Golden Isles since 1981. Every year we come away grateful we attended this service.


8:00 a.m.   Coffee & Continental Breakfast

Cloister Foyer



9:00a.m. -10:45 a.m.

“State of the Economy”

Larry Kudlow, CNBC’s Senior Contributor
Steve Moore, Chief Economist, the Heritage Foundation


“What the State of Our Unions Do to Our Union”

Cloister I

Maura Corrigan, Incumbent Director of the Michigan Department of Human Services
Mitch Pearlstein, Founder and President of Center of the American Experiment
Wade Horn, Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Public Sector Practice(Moderator)

Creating: A “Hands On” Skill

Oglethorpe Room

Children’s Session

Ages 3-11 years

Linda Newberry, Awakening Teacher Extraordinaire
Katrina Chapman, Awakening Teacher Extraordinaire


11:00 a.m.  Family Brunch

Cloister II Ballroom

Keynote Speaker: Gen. John Allen, U.S. Marine Corp (Ret)
“Chaos in the Middle-East”

Now we are all informed and ready to go home but we have one last time to gather and be inspired. Four Star General John Allen, will deliver our parting talk and inspire us to go and make a difference for America.

12:00 noon   Awakening 2015 Concludes