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The Three I’s of the Middle East: Iran/Iraq/Israel

KT McFarland … [Read more]

Saturday Night Keynote Speaker: Governor Sam Brownback


Sam Brownback currently serves as the 46th governor of Kansas. His family roots in Kansas date to the 1860s when his ancestors moved here from Pennsylvania following the Civil War. Born on September 12, 1956 to Robert and Nancy Brownback, he grew up … [Read more]

Immigration: Forging an American Solution?

Senator Jeff Sessions (R,  AL), Alex Nowrasteh, and Robert Rector … [Read more]

Conservative Principles in Urban Politics

How can conservatives speak to the cities? Robert Woodson and Fred Seigel … [Read more]

Leave Me Alone! (But Please Catch the Terrorists)

Elisebeth Cook and Julian Sanchez   … [Read more]

Grand Illusion: Planned “Parenthood”

Kristian Hawkins and Ramesh Ponnuru   … [Read more]

State of The Economy

Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore … [Read more]


Daniel J. Mitchell and J.D. Foster … [Read more]

OBAMACARE 2014 Mandates

Congressman Tom Price, MD (R/GA) and Dr. Robert E. Moffit … [Read more]

Political Forecasting

Stephen F. Hayes and Dr. Whit  Ayres … [Read more]