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Welcome to the Kids Site for Awakening 2010!!!





The programs and events are designed with you in mind. There are an amazing number of kids who come to this ”parent’s weekend” which is really a FAMILY EVENT so be prepared to have FUN!



Teen Sessions…(12-18 years old)  

The Teen Sessions this year are being led by Lucas and Anthea ”Thea” Ramirez.


 Since 2005, Lucas Ramirez has been director of Youth Ministries for Wesley United Methodist, St. Simon’s Island, GA.  Mentored during undergraduate studies by Duffy Robbins (noted author, speaker and authority on teens), Lucas received his B.A. in Youth Ministry in 2005 from Eastern University (St. David’s, PA).  In keep with having received the most nominations, ever; for Eastern’s Barnabas Servant Leadership Award, Lucas’ passion has only grown for maximizing every teen’s sense of value and potential.  He has traveled worldwide in mission work; is noted for his teaching and leadership gifts; and is currently working on a book.  Lucas founded Fusion in 2007, an organization, which facilitates the interaction of interdenominational youth and develops church unity. In 2006, he married Anthea ‘Thea’ Sholander Ramirez, who he met at college.  Lucas and Thea are both distinguished alumni of Focus on the Family’s Institute in CO. and were students of Dr. Del Tackett, founder of the Truth Project. In 2008, Thea earned her Master’s in Social Work and in November the same year, the couple welcomed their first child, Luciana.  The family resides in Brunswick, GA. with their chocolate Lab, Bailey; in a historic home they renovated themselves.






                                                                                                              The Lens Through Which We See the World





Session 1

Trying on glasses: Looking through different

Come join us for this first session filled with games, activities and discussion! Our world is filled with adventure, mystery and all sort of different people. We will be looking at how you see the world and how it compares to other people around the world!




Session 2

Adventure  In Life

Application: The War of the Worldviews

Our second session together will be exciting as we discover how current worldviews impact day to day life. Join us for this second session as we look further at how our lives are affected by the “glasses” we use to see the world.




Session 3

Outside Games, Adventure and Activities with “Different Glasses” Approach

Calling all teens! Meet in the front lobby to join us for group games....but only come if you really want to have fun!




Session 4


Time with the General

Personal time with General Chuck Krulak in an unforgettable session concerning values and choices.





Middlers”  Sessions: (Ages 6-11)                                          




Session 1…

Young Awakening Capitalist Corporation

All about the Capitalist system.

Industry: Cookie Making



Session 2

Reptile Roundup

(Meet in the Discovery Room for introductions to all kinds of reptiles…including alligators!)



Session 3

Scavenger Hunt in Pirating Fashion

(Prowl the Sanctuary looking for all sorts of “buried treasure.”)



Session 4

Masterpiece Making

(Time to create a masterpiece!)





Munchkin Session (3-5 Year Olds)                                      




Awakening is a family event.  Children three and older have a super slate of sessions that occur simultaneously with the adult sessions. The leaders of these sessions are instructors; however, they are not baby sitters. Your child’s supervision is under your care between sessions.  When the sessions adjourn please see that your children are “collected” and in their next class before attending yours.


They will be conducted this year under the supervision of two bright elementary educators, Mrs. Lauren Wilson and Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson



Session 1

 Young Awakening Capitalist Corporation

All about the Capitalistic system.

Industry: Cookie Making


Games and Crafts for the Younger Set, too!



Session 2

Create a Masterpiece



Session 3

Time to Play



Session 4

Crafts, Kits and Games





* Please note:

Saturday evening’s reception and dinner is Black Tie and is for adults and children ages twelve and up. The Saturday night event for children under eleven is an Extravaganza Pizza Party. There will be an hour of entertainment following the party.This event concludes before the Black Tie dinner, therefore, a sitter IS necessary to accompany the younger children to their party and remain with them until the Saturday night evening concludes. Sitters can be acquired through the Sanctuary by prior call and confirmation.






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